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The cracked peppercorn adds a spicy, rustic flavor to the smoothness of the mustard. Enjoy a taste of freshness straight from locally-sourced condiments right from New York. Our cracked peppercorn mustard features premium natural ingredients that contain no artificial additives or preservatives so you get to experience a truly remarkable gourmet flavor to inspire your latest culinary invention.

YoPitts! Foods

YoPitts! Foods is the brand that brings you the entire line of TPzzz Mustards, ketchups and sauces!

Yo Pitts! Foods is a New York based company. We are a family business that believes in quality along with quantity! We are bringing our customers a few all natural, full-flavored condiments. These condiments are for everyday and special occasions, which are being described as “everyday delicacies.” “Everyday delicacies” is defined by a product that is used in any setting with a sense of refinement. “From caviar to corn-dogs!”

Family Means Everything!

At Yo Pitts! Foods, family means everything to us. Everyone is a part of the team and we all work together towards bringing our clients the best service and high-quality products that we can.

We consider you, our clients, as family. That is why we always strive to bring you the best quality spices and condiments


Mustard is one of the best known and used sauces, but besides its pleasant and characteristic flavor, it can offer us many nutrients that collaborate with the organism and turn it into the healthiest dressing. Mustard not only has a low caloric intake compared to other sauces, such as mayonnaise for example, but also has a low percentage of fats among which predominate monounsaturated foods, and has hydrates and proteins derived from the seeds that give rise to it. On the other hand, we cannot forget its high content of potassium, calcium, magnesium, selenium, phosphorus and vitamin C, micronutrients with essential functions for perfect internal balance and antioxidant action to protect the body.


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