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About Foodies Taste Kitchen

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Gourmet Foods Monthly

Many GMO and Gluten Friendly

Healthy cooking

Gourmet Snacks

Fun Kitchen Gadgets in every Box!



I can honestly say I have been a foodie since the age of 13.  That's when my Aunt started to share her recipes with me.  At first, I would stand by the stove and watch everything she did.  My Mom passed away when I was 8-years-old.  My Dad (my Hero) was raising three girls by himself.  He loved taking care of us. He was a decent cook, but his meals were starting to get boring... the same dishes over and over again. 


I wanted something new and exciting. I wanted all the things we indulged in over the holidays at various relative's homes. What great memories of our Family holiday gatherings.  All of my Dad's sister's had a specialty dish. While spying, I knew if I could duplicate them, I was going to be a great cook.   Wrong!  There was always one item missing or a little of this or that, I missed it somehow, that's the power of a secret family recipe.

Later, I went on to become the Family cook -- the greatest test kitchen of my life.  Your family can be the toughest critics and I learned how to cook!

Take a Quantum leap forward!  5 years ago, I was looking for new items to market at a Gift Show.  I stumbled into the Gourmet Food Showroom, and it happened.  My BIG Foodie idea!  If I could take some of the new and old Gourmet foods to the marketplace in unique and creative ways, would these companies trust me with their product lines. I received an overwhelming response of "YES"!  I purchased a few products to test the market.  In hopes they would send me back images and a little story of their foodie experience, I started sending them to friends to try.


Foodies Taste Kitchen is Foodie "experiential marketing", I created this Gourmet Tasting Box to share our Foodie Experiences and introduce some cool gourmet food products to you.


Join the experience as we introduce to you our Gourmet Foodie Box where you

COOK, TASTE, and SAVOR  gourmet

products every other month for

Only $45 per BOX! 


Enjoy, and Bon Appetit! 

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