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Our Journey with Southern Culture Foods...

Two years ago, I saw a "New Company " on the Gourmet Showroom floor at Atlanta's Gift mart (Americas Mart), it was Southern Culture Foods. Immediately I was impressed with

the packaging and design. They were making mini pancakes and bacon on a grill, and the Owners husband was selling allot of things to me. He was very lively , but the real show was the recipe and and the bacon rub was in one word "sensational" I had never tasted anything like this before. Initially the minimum was high, I had to think about spending $300 opening order on Pancakes and Rubs. So I put this on HOLD. :) I gave them my card in hopes we could keep in touch, I was really impressed with this company. Moving forward about two shows later I saw them again, and I said , WOW, I noticed they had been on the popular show "Shark Tank" in which they did get a deal with Barbara, We teased each other back and forth about who did not follow up and keep in touch. I was absolutely AMAZED how far this company had gone. They insisted I had to order, there was no Minimum... OK, NOW you are talking my language. If you understand this business, your orders are largely based on Subscriptions and budgets can be very tight saying that lightly. I sat down and place an order. At that time, I had no "Subscription Box Service". My Idea was to send this product all over the country sort of on my own private taste test. The results were as follow a product that will be found in our "February Launch Box" The Sweet Potato Pancake and Waffle Mix was the Our Winner by a landslide from votes all over the country. We hope you will agree

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