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Our Gourmet Tasting Box

Foodies Taste Kitchen Gourmet Tasting Box...

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New SOUL APRON Tasting Box
Get ready to elevate your gourmet kitchen to new heights of style and flair with the APRON included in every Soul Apron box! It's not just an accessory; it's a fashion statement that will ignite your culinary adventures with excitement and joy. As you savor and cook the delectable items within the box, donning the APRON will transport you into a world of culinary mastery. Feel the empowerment as you create culinary magic while looking fabulous. Let your inner chef shine as you embrace the flavors and embrace the fun. Get ready to rock the kitchen with the ultimate fashion-forward accessory—the Soul Apron!

  Only $50 ships every other month... 

Join Us on A culinary Journey every other month to COOK, TASTE, and SAVOR Gourmet Products from around the country. Plus as a bonus, you get a cool kitchen gadget to mix things up.  We have taken our time and selected some very COOL products to take to your kitchen and cook! It's been a 4-year journey of "taste testing" in our Test Kitchens and sharing products with other Foodies around the country to select these gourmet companies for you to


We hope you will ENJOY your Culinary Journey with US!

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